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The web is like an onion – the layer effect!

August 20, 2010 1 comment

image The web is like an onion built from the inside out adding more and more layers in the ever race for web traffic and ad revenue.

  • One buys a domain and somebody creates a short link
  • One builds a website and somebody adds a dashboard
  • One wants to be found and many creates search engines plus ads
  • One starts a blog and somebody creates an ad network
  • One builds a mobile app and somebody creates an app ad network
  • One wants to be presence and connected and many build social networks

The fight over content has many fronts: java script tags, shot links databases, smart devices, apps, search engines, your “friends”. I’m sure that there are some other fronts that we are yet to see, maybe because we are still inside the onion.

Picture credit: Darwin Bell


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