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My most frequently used iPhone apps

August 12, 2011 1 comment

News: CNN ( good tech section), WSJ (not so great technology section) YNet (Israeli news), WHDH (local news and weather)
Photography: Adobbe photoshop express, Pro HDR, Instagram
Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (TweetDeck is too slow, how-come? Hadn’t Twitter bought it), and Google+(get the app not the goggle+ website)
Games: Mastersoft Chess
Financial: Bloomberg, WSJ, The Economist Financial Calculator,
Stock trading and recommendation – none. This is the biggest disappointment so far. I tried few of the apps and none are good. This area seems to be the one with the highest potential, but I could not find anything useful.
Utility/Misc.: iBabylon lite- dictionary, Yelp, Bump,
Fun: Songify, Pandora

And WordPress App – cool they also added stats recently.

What else should I add? Ones that really matter. I have a lot more but I rarely use them.

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Guest post: Why you should play Tap Zoo an app for iPod touch,iPhone, and iPad

August 6, 2011 2 comments

Guest post: This is a guest post by my son Johnathan, he loves computer games.

imageYou should play Tap Zoo the game for iPhone, iPad, iPod because it is a lot of fun. You have rankings, you buy animals, you can breed animals, you can visit neighbors zoo, you can cross breed and you can cure sick animals. You try to get three things: coins, stars, and experience.

You are able to get coins and experience from revenue. You need animals to get revenue. Let’s say that you have two monkeys and each monkey gives you 25 coins and 2 experience points every 5 minutes, so you end up with 50 coins and 4 experience every 5 minutes. The way to get to the next level is by getting amount of experience. for example, the way to get from  level 7 to 8 is by getting from 10,000 to 13,000 experience points.

It also has ranking. The way to see your rank is to tap the bottom right square and then find “Other”, tap it, then you’ll see the word rank, tap on it and you can see your ranking. If you want to know ho to make your rank better, the way to do it is by looking at the bottom left and read what to do.

Note from Dad: I looked at this game and am very impressed by its level of complexity and sophistication. It enables the player to make many different decisions for improving the zoo quality, visitor experience,  and business. Kudos to the team at Pocket Gems, Inc.


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