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10 reasons for still buying regular books

December 29, 2009 2 comments

10 reasons for still buying good old books even after buying eReader:

  1. If it does not come in a digital format
  2. For getting it signed by the author
  3. To read during take-off and lending
  4. For beach reading – I don’t want any sand on my Kindle
  5. Buying it for a present
  6. If it is a picture book
  7. If it is a classic, like Moby-Dick
  8. For children under 6 years old
  9. If you are on a trip and forgot your eReader
  10. After visiting one of the indie book store


Any more? Do you think that some of these will change? Will some of these cases, for buying the good old book, shape the future of the publishing market?

picture credit: austinevan

Thanks to Twitter we are buying the future!

October 20, 2009 1 comment

I was recently amazed to see how many books on the Top 100 bestsellers list are ready for pre-order!

What is the twitter connection?

Just search on Twitter Search for pre-order+amazon+book. By the way, books are just one of the many items that are available for pre-order on Amazon. Apparently twitter helps to close the sale cycle faster, even before the product is actually available. Twitter helps to quickly raise awareness to the upcoming products. I also think that Amazon is doing a great job sharing this information here.

I wonder how that list looked few years ago in the pre-twitter era.

So maybe the real-time web is not just about the present but includes the near future too?!


picture credit: aussiegall

I’m also proud to have a book on Amazon Kindle store! My new eBook is available in Kindle version here:  Timing the tweet


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