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Web3.0 or WebRT

May 12, 2008 3 comments

Things are going real-time. Social network, decentralize me, or semantic web are all great and we will see more of those coming but the most disruptive change that is already happening is that the web brings us all tougher in real-time. It allows us to read/write the web at any time from anywhere.

There are few catalyzers for this change. The first is the mobile technology including the devices, integrated GPS and the bandwidth, the second is that we are getting use to be always connected, and the third is all the good stuff that is happening on the web.

Now, I’m not talking about the future. I’m talking about the here, now and more just a little later.

Some examples:

Twitter made the connection between SMS and the web like no other tool before. There is nothing more real-time than Twitter. News, gossip, agenda, help, you name it.

Nokia N95 + Qik – real-time video streaming

BriteKite – Location-based social networking – in real-time.

What stopping us?

I think that the biggest obstacle for mass adoption, at this point, is the cost of the data plan. If that cost will go down we can all enjoy:

Read:  mobile constant feeds aggregation getting location, timely, and profiled based information.

Write: sharing our current experience using text, audio and video.

So what will happen a little later?

  • Creating real-time social events
  • Getting recommendation as we approach a new location that are tailored to our profile
  • Knowing who’s in the area (that could be annoying too – it requires some configuration about who you want to know that you are around).
  • Car pooling
  • Checking for bargains in the area (pool – not push)
  • Possible: Instant check-out – just go through the door with the purchased items and check the bill(one at a time)  – combination of RFID and the mobile device (beware if someone steal your phone). 
  • Mobile Peer-to-Peer – sharing the information among us off the server

Can you see more ways that WebRT can enrich your experience in real-time?

Update 5-12-08: I guess that I my timing was good:) RIM Introduced today the BlackBerry Bold Smartphone including GPS, Wi-Fi® support and Video camera.


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