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Mobile marketing – mobile is not a single channel


This may sound trivial to the people who are very close to mobile marketing world, but it is not that obvious to others who are still trying to adjust to the rapid mobile market development.

First, mobile is not just your cell phone, and it is not just the new smart phones like iPhone or Droid. It is also eReaders like Nook and Kindle, tablet devices like the iPad and its mini version, the iPod Touch. Even Nintendo DS could connect to the web. And it is also your old and suddenly cumbersomely looking laptop. If it receives data and could be carried then it is another mobile channel.

Yet, even all these mobile devices does not sum to the entire multichannel marketing story. A brand can communicate its messages in more than one way using smart phones.

  • SMS – short messages
  • eMail
  • Mobile web site
  • Mobile search
  • Apps:
    • With or without LBS (location based services)
    • Apps that uses the camera for capturing and scanning objects
    • Context specific apps like Drync

Why is it so important to be aware of all these interaction points? Read about the results of Microsoft’s experiment using multichannel mobile marketing here. Quoting Alison Engel, senior marketing director at Microsoft Advertising (from the same blog post)

The advertising effectiveness results demonstrated that advertiser value increases incrementally with the addition of digital media channels.

Some examples for running mobile campaigns using different communication channels:

  • Bottom up – start-ups like Foursquare and Gowalla that started as mobile apps – Foursquare encourages people to visit different locations many times. FS uses game like campaigns to drive traffic, loyalty, and revenue for customers like Starbucks.
  • Top down
    • Companies like Yelp and Facebook that adds mobile app to their web site – Social networks where people share about what they like or not. Knowing where they are in addition to what they like would help to build even more powerful campaigns.
    • The big brands that are using mobile apps to run location based campaigns like: Pepsi, Rolls-Royce, and others.
    • Companies such as McDonald that uses LBS services like Navteq to run mobile location based campaigns and seeing higher CTR.
    • News and content web-site like NYT, and The Weather Channel.
  • I’m sure that all these new mobile channels in addition to the already growing number of web channels, like Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are raising some tough questions in the Marketing department:

  • Finding the right balance of resources and budget allocation per channel
  • Executing different communication strategies via each channel
  • Measuring the effectiveness for a multichannel play
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Pictures credit: Keith Williamson

Six month check-up – large knowledge gain and some changes!

June 30, 2008 1 comment

After 6 month of blogging I decided that I want to continue doing it so I took one small step forward.

I purchased a new domain that is now redirected to my blog on WordPress hosting service. I changed the blog’s name from UsingIT to Webnomena (Web Phenomena) because I think that it is more consistent with my writings (you can guess that was taken).  I will continue sharing my observations about what that I think is happening in the web world with the focus on search engines, monitoring tools and the blogsphere.

At this time in my life I don’t find the time yet to “decorate” my blog or taking care of the hosting myself. I love to do so and the limitation using WP hosting service are a real drag (no iFrame, no Flash) yet I prefer to spend my time exploring the web and blogging. 

Few things that I learned in the past 6 month:

  • About blogging:
    • Blogging is learning – since I started I learned a ton about companies, products and technologies.
    • Blogging is helping me at my work – when looking for a new “skin” for the web app I now expect nothing less than Web 2.0 look and feel (lots of Java Scripts). Netvibe is an inspiration.
    • Blogging is fun – through this blog I had a chance to talk with people all over the world.
    • I can’t blog from the air  – I need to play, explore, interact, develop to come up with new posts.
    • Treat comment like blog post! – The power of a good comment is amazing. A good comment stands out. I spend the same amount of time for writing a single comment as I do for writing blog post.
    • I’m not an artist – I don’t write like some of the great bloggers/writer out there. I just hope that you will find the ideas and information on this blog usefully.
  • About searching.
    • We have plenty of new tools to find information – things that it took me long time to find, I later discovered more than once, were saved by lots of other people on Some of the others you can find in this post I wrote recently: Is there a way around Google?
    • The business world is not really here yet – I think that there is a need for monitoring tools and analytics showing where the right places to deliver your messages are. I think that there is a place for a tool that will help PR and Marketing. A tool that will constantly gather information that can turn into action (actionable). Internet Marketing is not just Web Analytics. I did not see a company/tool that mash it yet. I’m not aware of an enterprise that use a tool like this.
  • About the web
    • Empowerment is one of the keys to viral adoption – see blogging, wikis and comments, rating and annotation, twitter following model vs. friends request,  Seesmic, Qik and video streaming from the phone to the web, API/Web services and mashups. Give people the power and they’ll use it!
    • What is the very next things? – let’s see if 6 month is enough to ask these questions.
      • Is it location aware social networks and search technologies? – the kick off is July 11th?
      • Is it Video in addition to photos transmitted from the cell phone to the web? – I was actually never excited about taking pictures from my mobile phone (the rest of the world was). I’m very excited about shooting videos and transmitting them in real-time to the web. It is not cheap yet, work well only using Wi-Fi and not when using the network but same as with blogging it empowers every on of us to become a filed journalist. I think that we will see more Qik like web sites proliferating or integrating with existing social networks.
      • Will Adobe Air take off? – this will help web developers to play on the desktop. I’m curios to know if accompanies with existing products considering this technology for a re-write.  


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